Aggie is a real-time, user-generated content aggregation and analysis platform premised on the core principles of:

Technological neutrality: Support content from popular social media platforms along with media originating from purpose-built systems (namely those specific to election monitoring, crises, or conflict response).

Computer enabled expert analysis: Automated computer analysis augments and enhances expert human real-time reasoning and decision making.

Real-time response: Moving from online report aggregation to analysis, escalation and response within one hour.

Big data: Supporting up to 1,000 incoming reports per second.

Open source principles: Aggie is fully open source and welcomes contributions.

Achitectural Design

Achitecturally, Aggie has two modules; the backend server that crawls the internet to aggregate user generated content, and a front end client API that runs on a browser.

../../_images/achitecture.pngAchitectural Design


Aggie has reached thus far from the generous contributions of many developers and collaborators. To date, sixteen developers have contributed code to Aggie’s Project (list here). We thank everyone involved in the open source community of Aggie.